Horton Crossbows

For over 16 years, Horton crossbows have been chosen by serious hunters statewide as the finest crossbows in the world. Horton crossbows are the most accurate and most compact hunting crossbows ever designed. Horton Crossbows offer the experience that has become a legacy for generations of hunters.

Horton crossbows limbs are constructed of composite materials utilizing adhesion techniques and high pressure molding which have been developed for the aircraft industry. Horton is the first in the industry to give a life time warranty on the new Nitro Hunter and Max Impact Crossbows from Horton.

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SALE Horton Hunter HD 175 Crossbow Package

NEW! Horton Team Realtree HD 175 Crossbow Package

Horton Summit HD 150 Crossbow Package

Horton Legend HD 175 Crossbow Packages