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Jig Fishing

Swim’n Jigs for Big Bass
Swimming a jig means different things to different anglers, but in the Arkansas River Valley, the term refers to one thing and one thing only. Because of the pioneering work of trophy-bass specialist Mitch Looper, Arkansas anglers swim jigs on the surface, usually skirting the tops of the thickest grass mats they can find.

Time For a BOO Bug
When conditions call for a subtle presentation, Tennessee pro Curt McGuire ties on a BOOYAH BOO Bug Jig. Just because a jig is a big-fish bait doesn’t mean you always need a big jig. In fact, there are days…

Trick worm, Stickworm, Sinking worm Fishing

5 Pro Tips for Catching More Fish with YUM Dingers
5 Pro Tips for Catching More Fish with YUM Dingers Texas pro angler Alton Jones knows about catching bass with YUM Dingers. After all, he introduced Dingers to the fishing world in 2003 when he won a BASS Pro Tour event at California’s Clear Lake with YUM Dingers before the these baits had been formally released. Jones, who recently qualified for his tenth Bassmaster Classic and who has earned more than a million dollars on the BASS and FLW tours, uses Dingers extensively in tournament fishing. A Dinger’s shape and fall create a lethal combination, according to Jones, and he employs Dingers in a tremendous variety of situations. Jones’ top Dinger tips, garnered from countless hours of dedicated YUM Dinger fishing, will help any angler catch more bass fish.

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7 ways and techniques to fish a YUM Dinger soft plastic stick bait
YUM Dingers stormed onto the bass scene a year and a half ago when Alton Jones won a BASSMASTER Tour event at California’s Clear Lake using the then-brand-new Dingers. It wasn’t long before the broader fishing community discovered YUM Dingers and anglers began using them to catch virtually everything that swims. Versatility is one of the great benefits of a YUM Dinger. Here’s a sampling of rigs and techniques that will produce fish for you.

Biggest YUM Dinger Not Too Big A 7-inch YUM Dinger
may look silly when you pull it out of the package, but don’t let that deter you from stringing it on a hook. To bass, these super-sized offerings look downright irresistible – and the size of the bass doesn’t seem to matter. Crankbait Fishing

Cranking Current for Spotted Bass
Having fished all his life for spotted bass on Alabama’s Coosa River lakes, bass pro Kyle Mabrey knows what the spots should be doing any given day, based on water temperature, current and other conditions. That said, the fish don’t always do what they should. Therefore, Mabrey always begins a day with a “searching” mentality.

Tips For Cranking Shallow Cover
When bass stray shallow during the spring, short-billed crankbaits like Bomber Fat Free Shallows, Excalibur Swim’n Images and Rebel Wee-Rs work great for making those bass attack. These tips will help you make the most of shallow cranking.

Bump Shallow Cover for Spring Bass
“The more things you hit with a crankbait, the more apt you are to get a strike,” said Missouri pro Brian Snowden, telling one reason why he’s thrilled about the new Bomber 4A. “The 4A has the same body size as the 6A,” noted Snowden, a BASS Elite Series angler who competed in his third Bassmaster Classic this year. “However, the bill design has a wider paddle and is more rounded in the front, and the angle it extends from the bait is flatter.”

Tube Fishing

Twitch Tubes for Stream Smallmouths
Often all you have to do is make a cast and watch your line. Given enough current to carry a YUM Vibra King Finesse Tube and a few feet of water for the offering to drop through, a smallmouth is apt to nab the bait before it ever hits bottom. The line will suddenly race upstream, prompting you to set the hook sharply and get ready for a jump.

Black and Blue Finesse Tubes for Spring Bass
“Any color will work, as long as it is black and blue,” said Idaho angler Steve Long about spring bass fishing with a YUM Vibra King Finesse Tube.

Spinnerbait Fishing

Wake’Em Up
When pre-spawn bass cruise ultra-shallow water, bass pro Jordan Paullo swells the surface with a big-bladed BOOYAH Blade spinnerbait and expects explosive results. The bite occurs when the water gets between…

Use Water Color to Pick the Right Spinnerbait
With so many variables, selecting spinnerbait fishing lures can get confusing. Body, skirt and blade colors and shapes and configurations of blades are just some of the variables. Too commonly, anglers allow themselves to get overwhelmed by the possibilities and simply pick up the first spinnerbait they find – or possibly one that produced well some other day.

Other Fishing Articles

OCHS Anglers Club save local fish population
The Orange County High School Anglers Club saved a number of fish from near death. The anglers took time out of their weekend to visit an old fishing ground at Meadows Pond in Orange Virginia. The pond’s damn had recently broke causing the entire pond to drain.

Hotspots for Cold-Weather Fishing
Don’t hang up your fishing tackle just because winter has arrived. Instead, add a couple layers of clothes, consider conditions at hand and plan your approach accordingly. In truth, winter provides unique advantages. Unlike spring and fall, when the living is easy and fish can go virtually anywhere, harsh conditions make your quarry’s locations and behavior far more predictable. Gamefish pile up wherever food can be found and gravitate to areas that provide thermal refuge. With that in mind, we’ll examine several types of areas

5 Great Baits for Fall Bass
Pack this arsenal of fishing lures when you head to the lake this fall, and you’ll be ready to put your share of autumn bass in the boat. Spinnerbaits. Topwater Lures. Rattling Baits. Crankbaits. Soft Plastic Baits…

Carolina Rigging – Zell Rowland Style
Carolina-rig fishing almost seems too simple. Make a long cast, let the rig sink to the bottom and drag the offering slowly along the bottom. As is the case with most “simple” styles of fishing, there are subtleties that allow some anglers to consistently catch more fish than others when they tie on C-rigs. Zell Rowland is one such angler.

Hit the Mats for Explosive Bass Action
Seeing your YUM BuzzFrog come to life as it hits a pocket of open water is almost more than you can stand – and you know it’s more than a bass will be able stand. Sure enough. A fish erupts as the bait hits the edge of the pocket, knocking the BuzzFrog 2 feet in the air. Then it returns with a less violent but more decisive strike to finish the job.

Catching Suspended Bass
North Carolina bass pro and guide Mike Goodman never lets suspended bass get the best of him. In fact, Goodman enjoys some of his best fishing days during the summer, when largemouths and smallmouths alike spend the bulk of their time suspended in the deep waters of Lake James, his favorite mountain lake. Let’s dig into Goodman’s bag of tricks for making suspended bass bite.

Flippin’ Thick Vegetation: A Three-Part Series
When the BASS Pro Tour ventures to Florida or another destination that calls for flippin’ in heavy grass, Tim Horton doesn’t spend much time pondering bait choices. Equipped with a flippin’ stick, a good supply of YUM Vibra King Tubes and a bit of terminal tackle, Horton has everything he needs to catch big bass.

Part II: Jimmy Mason: Flippin’ Up-Side Down
“The bass aren’t always right on the bottom when they are under matted vegetation,” said Jimmy Mason of Rogersville, Alabama. “Sometimes they hold right under the mats.” When Mason suspects the fish aren’t on the bottom, he “turns his flippin’ rig upside down” by rigging up a super-sized, customized drop-shot rig.

Part III: Kyle Mabrey: Finding What They Want
Numerous factors, including grass type, moon stage, forage base, bass size and water color and temperature, help Mabrey determine which YUM or BOOYAH bait to begin flippin’ into the grass. However, he believes strongly in allowing the bass to dictate what they want.

The Tungsten Advantage
Sam Swett has a hard time figuring out why every bass fisherman doesn’t use Excalibur Tg Fishing Weights. “I don’t think a lot of fishermen fully grasp the advantages that Tg Weights offer,” said Swett, a professional tournament angler from Covington, LA.

Tips for Muddy Water Bass
Don’t stay home just because a winter storm has turned your favorite lake into mud hole. Adjust your approach and use the dirty water to your advantage. While it’s true that many tactics don’t work well when rivers and lakes muddy up…

Putting Fish in the Boat
These tips will help you hook more of the fish that hit your lures and then successfully land those fish. As valuable as it is to learn new techniques, most anglers could increase their catch rates dramatically by simply increasing the number of strikes they convert into landed fish. Here are tips for hooking and landing more fish…

Perfect for Pond Bass
Bass that live in ponds and bass that live in big reservoirs don’t act the same, and any angler who plans to spend time pond fishing is wise to keep those differences in mind when he picks his lures.